Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Submit Your Mix to EK Radio

Attention DJs

Entkings.com / Ek Partyrockers have a radio show on Channel Z -- an online, commercial free radio station with hundreds of hits from around the world. We would like to invite you as a guest DJ to submit your latest mix to be aired on the station. This Mix Show is designed to showcase your skills and specialties - scratching, beat matching, song selection... whatever gets your usual crowd pumped.

What we need from you:
1. 60 min mix (try to keep it clean, if possible)
2. Add your own DJ drops
3. Add Channel Z drops (you can access these via http://soundcloud.com/djr2 )
4. When your mix is ready, upload it to a storage website, such as Soundcloud or Mediafire
5. Email me the download link to ek_radiomixshow@entkings.com

Your mix will then be added to a waiting list. Once your mix is scheduled to be aired, we will email you the date and time you will be on.

We are asking that you post the link to Channel Z http://tunein.com/tuner/?StationId=125896& on your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc to give to your listeners. Mixes are played every Saturday from 8pm - 11pm, Pacific time, then repeated until 2am, Pacific time.
If you have any questions please contact me directly at djr2@entkings.com

Thank you.

EK Partyrockers

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